Part IV. Appendices

Table of Contents

A. Release Notes
B. Major Changes from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1
B.1. Non-compatible Changes
B.2. Deprecated Features
B.3. Small, Localized Changes
B.4. Groovy-based Backend for Java Builds
B.5. Redesigned Build Tree Structure
C. Upgrading from 1.0 to Version 1.1
C.1. Upgrade Strategy
C.2. Potential Upgrade Problems: Things to Watch Out For
C.3. Upgrade Procedures
C.3.1. High-level Summary of Upgrade Process
C.3.2. Editing abuild.upgrade-data
D. Known Limitations
E. Online Help Files
E.1. abuild --help groovy
E.2. abuild --help helpfiles
E.3. abuild --help make
E.4. abuild --help usage
E.5. abuild --help vars
E.6. abuild --help rules rule:empty
E.7. abuild --help rules rule:groovy
E.8. abuild --help rules rule:java
E.9. abuild --help rules rule:autoconf
E.10. abuild --help rules rule:ccxx
E.11. abuild --help rules toolchain:gcc
E.12. abuild --help rules toolchain:mingw
E.13. abuild --help rules toolchain:msvc
E.14. abuild --help rules toolchain:unix_compiler
F. --dump-data Format
G. --dump-interfaces Format
H. --dump-build-graph Format
I. The File
J. The java.groovy and groovy.groovy Files
K. The Deprecated XML-based Ant Backend
K.1. The File
K.2. Directory Structure For Java Builds
K.3. Ant Hooks
K.4. JAR-like Archives
K.5. WAR Files
K.6. EAR Files
L. List of Examples