2.5. Version Control Considerations

Abuild creates output directories in the source directory, and all generated files are created inside of these abuild-generated directories. All output directories are named abuild-*. It is recommended that you configure hooks or triggers in your version control system to prevent these directories or their contents from being accidentally checked in. It may also be useful to prevent Abuild.backing from being checked in since this file always contains information about the local configuration rather than something that would be CM controlled. If it is your policy to allow these to be checked in, they should be prevented from appearing in shared areas such as the trunk. [7]

[7] Note, however, that the abuild test suite contains Abuild.backing files, so any CM system that contains abuild must have an exception for abuild itself. It's conceivable that other tools could also have reasons to have checked in Abuild.backing files in test suites or as templates.