2.3. Installing Abuild

If you are creating a binary distribution or installing from source, please see the file src/README.build in the source directory. If you are installing from a pre-built binary distribution, simply extract the binary distribution in any directory. Abuild imposes no requirements on where the directory should be or what it should be called as long as its contents remain in the correct relative locations. You may make a symbolic link to the actual bin/abuild executable from a directory in your path. Abuild will follow this link when attempting to discover the path of its installation directory. You may also add the abuild distribution's bin directory to your path, or invoke abuild by the full path to its executable. [5]

[5] If abuild is not invoked as an absolute path, it will iterate through the directories in your PATH trying to find itself. Therefore, abuild may fail to work properly if you invoke it programmatically, pass \“abuild” to it as argv[0], and do not have the copy of abuild you are invoking in your path before any other copy of abuild. This limitation should never impact users who are invoking abuild normally from the command line or through a shell or other program that searches the path.