E.11. abuild --help rules toolchain:gcc

** Help for users of the "gcc" compiler **

The gcc toolchain uses the unix_compiler toolchain behind the scenes.
You generally shouldn't need to do anything special to use the gcc
compiler.  It is the compiler used on abuild's default platform on
UNIX systems.  Here are a few notes:

 * ABUILD_FORCE_32BIT and ABUILD_FORCE_64BIT will cause -m32 and -m64
   respectively to be added to all compilation commands.  It is up to
   you to make sure you only use these variables when those flags

 * The gcc compiler support file assumes "ar cru" and "ranlib" for
   library creation.  This may not always be correct on some

 * The gcc compiler support file uses -fPIC for creating position
   independent code and passes -shared to the linker for creating
   shared libraries.  This may not work on all platforms and is
   probably wrong for platforms on which gcc is not configured to use
   the gnu linker.