E.7. abuild --help rules rule:groovy

** Help for users of abuild.rules = ['java', 'groovy'] **

The "groovy" rules add compilation of Groovy source code using groovyc
to the "java" rules.  They are structured in the same way as the
"java" rules are structured.  Run abuild --help rules rule:java for

You must use the 'java' rules together with the 'groovy' rules.  You
can list them in either order.  If you list 'java' first, abuild will
compile your Java code before your Groovy code.  If you list 'groovy'
first, abuild will compile your Groovy code before your Java code.  If
some of your Groovy classes depend on some of your Java classes or
vice versa, you should make sure you put your rules in the right
order.  If you want to mix Groovy and Java sources in the same build
item, they should not be interdependent or else you will have a hard
time doing a clean build.

With the groovy rules, we have these two additional properties

  groovy.dir.src (src/groovy): the default location for Groovy sources

  groovy.dir.generatedSrc (abuild-java/src/groovy): the default
    location for automatically generated groovy sources

Now new targets are added.  The control parameter


is supported to control groovy compilation.  Its fields are

  srcdirs: defaults to groovy.dir.src + groovy.dir.generateSrc
  destdir: defaults to java.dir.classes
  classpath: defaults to abuild.classpath + abuild.classpath.external

Any additional keys are passed as attributes to the groovyc task.